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Topiax GPT: A Local Approach to AI Communication

Topiax GPT is a Chat GPT alternative specifically tailored to the Zimbabwean market and other African countries. Topiax GPT aims to provide high-quality AI-driven communication solutions that empower entrepreneurs, artists, and individuals in Africa.

How to develop a Simple Dapp using React and Wagmi

This article will be focused on helping a developer interested in a career in web3.0. My Goal in this article is to help give a quick guide on some of the key steps involved when you are working on a decentralized web application. I will try not to be too clinical about the how-to, however, I will make sure I talk about the different parts of the project development.

Unveiling the Enigmatic Full Stack Developer: Meet , Cyprian T. Aarons

Cyprian T. Aarons is an experienced full-stack software engineer specializing in Web 3.0 technologies. His expertise includes ReactJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, VueJS, Tailwind CSS, Figma, NodeJS, Wagmi, Thirdweb, and Alchemy, as well as DevOps, Git Version Control, and Docker, allowing him to deliver diverse and innovative solutions for clients.